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SAP EWM Configuration Guide

A comprehensive SAP EWM Configuration guide to implement SAP EWM process and design strategies. The guide helps SAP consultants to understand EWM Putaway Rules and Strategies. One can successfully configure the Storage Bin. Creating POs in SAP ERP and can create the Inbound Delivery.

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Customized Infographics intended to grab information quickly and clearly. Our info graphical process flows are highly Influential and Eye-Catching to understand warehouse operations.Way of presentation is to enhance the knowledge and process flow quickly and clearly.Those reveal the warehouse operations at several levels of detail, from a broad overview to the fine structure.


Piecemeal process flow approach

Our process flow approach is cognitive, in which An individual considers each piece of information separately in order to arrive at an evaluation.Each process is divided in to configuration and process flow separately and it enhance the readers acquaintance over SAP EWM processes.


Business examples

Business examples give an idea to reader to understand customer requirements in real warehouse processes.These are followed with configuration and process flow to adopt in to SAP EWM system operations.

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The SAP EWM Configuration Guide consists of comprehensive EWM implementations Process and procedures. It helps the Project leads, SAP EWM Consultants and Business analysts make appropriate decisions on various process needs to be adopt in EWM Module. The standard configuration objects along with detailed business process flows are incorporated in this book The customized info graphics gives you a  realistic view of warehouse operation. The enhanced complex warehouse processes were explained thoroughly with real time examples.
The consecutive releases and addition of newer features has managed SAP EWM  to become one of the best warehousing solutions available in the industry today.  The adoption of EWM had been pretty strong in the European and American geographies. many top Indian companies have already moved or are in the process of moving to EWM. The trend is definitely positive across Indian market. It is going to be a steady base for EWM in the next years. The next 10+ years should be very strong for SAP EWM.

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Hi, I am Chittepu Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Reddy. I am mostly referred as CK or CK Reddy. I carry a decade of in experience working in various Logistics related modules of SAP. My major expertise lies in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) module. I am certified in SAP EWM Module. I have actively involved myself working on mid to large scale-scaled SAP implementation projects. I have worked across a wide range of industries. Experienced with dealing SAP projects in  Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunication and Chemicals industries. An SAP Topic leader, check out my blogs in SAP Community
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The SAP EWM had been quite strong in European and American geographies and in India. However, many of the major Indian companies have already moved or are in the process of moving to SAP EWM. The trend is definitely positive and I believe that the Indian market will be a stable base for SAP EWM in the coming years. Considering that SAP WM will be removed slowly, it would be a good idea to learn EWM. The next 10 years or more should be very strong for EWM. 

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