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  • SAP Extended Management is an application under Supply chain management space.
  • It provides solution for high complex warehouse processes.
  • Several core functionalities are incorporated in EWM, which are not available in SAP WM module.
  • EWM leverages optimization in warehouse processes, which results a smooth flow in entire supply chain.
  • This application enhances order fulfillment, and distribution operations against high-volume of planning.
  • EWM provides visibility of inventory at any time and any place within the warehouse.
  • WH monitoring tool help to get dash boards in the form of cockpits.

Few Words About Author

  • The Author is Chittepu Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Reddy. Although, he prefers being addressed as CK or CK Reddy.
  • C K has been working in IT industry for over a decade now in various Logistics related modules of SAP.
  • His major expertise lies in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) module in which, he is certified too.
  • C K Reddy participated in both mid and large scale SAP implementation projects in range of industries such as Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunication and Chemicals.