Why to Purchase

This book anticipate to provide knowledge ,information and orientation material for
  1. Project leads
  2. Consultants
  3. Project team members
  4. Business analysts
  5. Business users

Content of this book to help in EWM implementations ‘and’ problem solving in currently running processes.
This helps decision makers to decide which process needs to be adopt in EWM space for required warehouse processes.
Standard configuration objects along with detailed business process flows are incorporated in this book.
Customized info graphics help readers to imagine realistic warehouse operations.
Aid of this book enhance complex warehouse processes in a simple way of configuration objects.

Customized Infographics intended to grab information quickly and clearly.
Our info graphical process flows are highly Influential and Eye-Catching to understand warehouse operations.
Way of presentation is to enhance the knowledge and process flow quickly and clearly.
Those reveal the warehouse operations at several levels of detail, from a broad overview to the fine structure

piecemeal process flow approach:
Our process flow approach is cognitive, in which an individual considers each piece of information separately in order to arrive at an evaluation.
Each process is divided in to configuration and process flow separately ,and it enhance the readers acquaintance over EWM processes.

Screen shots:
System screen shots envision the warehouse processes ,without logging in to the actual system.
These enrich the reader’s control on realistic system configuration and applications of warehouse processes.

Business examples:
Business examples give an idea to reader to understand customer requirements in real warehouse processes.
These are followed with configuration and process flow to adopt in to EWM system operations.

Differences on system environment:
EWM incorporated in SCM centralized and S/4HANA embedded environments.
This book covered , both the environments along with system wise differences.
Reader can able to work in both environments after reading this book.

Adequate technical information:
This book covered adequate technical information ,to coordinate with technical teams for any kind of customizations required in regular warehouse processes.
User can able to write functional design documents for RICEFW objects after reading this.