What is warehouse putaway strategy in SAP EWM


The most efficient practice is to put-away directly from receipt to its final location and is often the primary method used in best practice companies

Maintain put away quantity classification as ‘cartons’ under put away control area. In storage type maximum capacity for one bin is 100 Kgs. With the quantity classification, it can possible to store 96 Kgs only ( 2 cartons ) and WTs can be distributed carton wise quantity along with bin weight capacity.

Put away Quantity Classification

A good warehouse Implementation takes care that products automatically move to their appropriate destination location. A Putaway is the process of taking products off the receiving shipment and putting them into the most appropriate location. The put-away process is typically managed by one of, or a mix of, the following methods; staging product from the receiving area, based on the purchase order, based on the part number, or based on a put-away zone or by using direct delivery (put-away) to the storage location


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